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Let us introduce ourselves! We are the people standing behind dozens of iOS and Android apps, creating, supporting, and writing for them. Our team is constantly evolving and mastering new skills according to market demands. We can honestly tell that our clients are our main inspiration to work harder and faster.

Our dream team consists of:

  • Rebellious CEO Will Potter, who once worked on a government secret mission, creating a unique app that has changed our entire history. He made us mention it here. In fact, Will is the guy you are looking for if you have problems with your app’s idea if you don’t know what to do if your app does not bring you money;
  • Really serious Business Development Manager Cristina Holt, the one and only adult here. She is tough, well-organized, and usually lives here, in the office;
  • Mysterious Content Manager Edward Beamer, who is probably dwelling at nights, editing and fixing the content with a big cup of coffee, or is it something else, Ed?
  • Our copywriter Jerry Lourenco is extremely proud of his Android smartphone, and can’t stop writing about Android app advantages. His main goal in life is to try all the apps for Android he can download from Google Play;
  • Adam Parrot, a Copywriter, and Marketing Manager, on the contrary, believes that iOS apps are significantly underestimated. Adam considers himself a creative writer who has to fill this world with his texts.

Jokes aside! We love our work and we love our clients. We all are here to help you and your project!

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