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Best Fiends is a Match-3 puzzle and RPG game. It is available for mobile platforms plus Facebook. The fiends are little insect and lizard critters who dwell in the land of Minutia. One day their existence is challenged by the nefarious slugs form space. To stop the threat, fiends have to go to war and learn how to evolve. Download Best Fiends and save Minutia!

Main Features

Best Fiends introduce you to a giant roster of wacky and cute creatures. You will meet:

  • Bam. A caterpillar from Strawberry Patch who is a hairstylist by trade.
  • Lapoleon. An ambitious cockroach who dreams of a nuclear war to happen, so his species survive and inherit the Earth.
  • Jojo. A glamorous butterfly who can cause a tornado with her gorgeous wings.
  • Freddie. The rock'n'roll cricket who blasts guitar riffs and needs at least 200 singing lessons.
  • And many others.

Fiends join forces and form parties to embark on their anti-slug campaign. To defeat the evil terrestrial mollusks, critters have to solve Match-3 puzzles. Every fiend has a unique color: Lacey is green, Kwincy is yellow, and so on. If you match a fiend with a tile of a corresponding color — his special ability will charge. The abilities either blow up a number of tiles or turn them into the same color.

Fiends can also be evolved once you take a break from battling the slugs. You should earn and stash meteor mites. They can be invested in upgrading your Fiend until he/she hits the 5th evolution stage. Meteor mites can be obtained by defeating the enemy, beating the levels or purchasing them for diamonds. The IAPs start at $1.99.


Best Fiends is one of the cutest mobile games. Each fiend bears a unique and catchy personality. Some are grumpy, gluttonous, wacky, and dorky. Others may look arrogant, angry, and even self-delusional. But no matter if a Fiend is a happy low-IQ guy or a cockroach suffering from delusions of grandeur, they never fail to make you giggle with their lovely goofiness.


Best Fiends by Seriously is an award-winning mobile game. It features an intriguing evolution system, funny characters and vibrant art style. The only major downside of Best Fiends is that it employs a stamina meter, which requires gold bricks to be refilled (for real $). As for the rest, lovable Fiends and their adventures will surely find a tender spot in your heart.

Download Best Fiends and bring bad luck to the bad slugs!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store