Amazon Drive Will Restrict Access in 2023

Amazon Drive Will Restrict Access in 2023

mazon has been providing cloud storage for your files for 11 years. The company said that by the end of 2023, users would be limited to accessing Amazon Drive. Bad news for those who have used this dependable service.

On the positive side, you have time to move your files stored on Amazon Drive to another location. The company sent a warning email in advance, and users of the service have over a year to download their documents. Mobile applications for iOS and Android will be disabled by the company on October 31, 2022. Starting January 31, 2023, customers will be able to download files from storage and view them, but the ability to add new documents to the disk will not be available. The entire disc will become unavailable on December 31, 2023.

Amazon plans to expand the functionality of the Amazon Photos service and cooperate with Google and Apple in the future. The company recommended users download Amazon Photos for macOS and Windows. You can manage photo and video files. Downloading, organizing, and backing up files will still be available to customers. 

Before the end of next year, you will need to download all files that are not in the photo or video format and move them to an alternative drive. You don't have to worry about photos and videos, they won't be deleted, the service automatically transfers these files from the cloud storage to the Amazon Photos service.

The news of the closure of cloud storage upset those who have been using this service to store files of any format for many years. However, there are many alternatives with lots of free space. You have time to decide. For those customers who need help before closing the service, Amazon has created instructions and a FAQ. Do you plan to use Amazon Photos, or are you looking for an alternative