Diablo IV Open Beta: Pleasantly Surprised or Overwhelmingly Negative?

Diablo IV Open Beta: Pleasantly Surprised or Overwhelmingly Negative?

he first round of beta testing of Diablo IV was incredibly positive, but since its launch, the feedback has been considerably more mixed. Many players need to be more satisfied with the skeletons, skill tree, camera, lack of offline mode, and the balance of the druid class. While many are still pleased with the title, some would go as far as to compare it unfavorably to its predecessor.

One of the primary problems mentioned by players is the appearance of the necromancer’s skeletons. Although it may seem insignificant at first, the cartoonish models are said to be quite distracting and take away from the game’s atmosphere. Players have also noted that the skill tree is too simplified and uninteresting, a step backward from Diablo III.  As well as this, the lack of an offline mode is a big downside, as there are many who would prefer to experience the adventure solo. 

The druid class has also been a major source of criticism. While opinions are divided, many feel that compared to the necromancer, it is too weak in the early levels and lacks a proper balance. This is made even worse by the fact that the fourth installment, in some aspects, seems more like an MMO than its predecessors. Lastly, the low-slung camera continues to be an issue, making it difficult for players to enjoy the game.

Nevertheless, there are still many who find the beta enjoyable. The game is still often praised for its interesting story, atmospheric soundtrack, and being a true successor to Diablo II, a game renowned for its brilliance. Reviews comparing it favorably to the second installment often appear in the various threads in the message boards.

In conclusion, the second round of the open beta of Diablo IV is currently underway, and the feedback remains quite diverse. While there a still many who enjoy the title, some smaller issues continue to plague the game. Hopefully, this feedback can help the developers fix any problems before its June 6 release.