Game Awards Show Gets Cut

Game Awards Show Gets Cut

opular price awards in the gaming world will be shorter in 2022. According to the Game Awards officials, the show is going to be cut in time this year. The announcement was made right after many viewers began to complain that the show was taking too long.

It looks like the audience does not need such long entertainment when all they want is to go and check the best games of the year. While many of them enjoy The Game Awards during the last few years, they prefer it to be slightly shorter. Thus, it was only natural that officials headed by Geoff Keighley decided to follow the audience’s demands. Keighley has announced this move on his Twitter account, in the audio stream in spaces.

According to him, the company is working on making the whole award ceremony shorter. The show will be cut, however, he does not provide extra hints on the parts that will be shortened. Keighley said that there will be more of a streamlined vibe in the show. Meanwhile, we can assume that there will be no cut on the announcements of the games. Moreover, according to the official representative of the show, there will be more than 50 extra games that they include in the announcements.

The Game Awards is a yearly entertainment for all true fans of games around the world. This year it starts on Friday at 1:30 CT or 00:30 GMT. You can watch it online, on the official website of the entertainment. There will be numerous streamers who will highlight the award ceremony. If you have not decided who you want to support yet, you have enough time to go to the portal and check out all the nominees. The best games will be awarded based on numerous factors. The original ceremony takes place in Los Angeles, Microsoft Center.
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