Google Offers More Features for Android Devices

Google Offers More Features for Android Devices

sers will be able to exchange a wide range of files between Android phones. Recently it released a pack of updates that will be available soon. There are Gboard updates, more new features, and improvements for old ones bound to the Android gadgets.

No matter whether you prefer to share the files, use Gboard, or try new tools on your Android smartphone, Google hears you. According to the recent news, the first improvement will come to the Nearby Share, making it available on numerous devices. If you want to use the copy of AirDrop on your smartphone, your time has come. Even though you could easily share some files between phones that run on Android before the update, don’t jump to conclusions. This new change allows you to connect devices with each other on Android. It means you will be able to bring your videos, and photos on other devices, including Chromebook, tablet, or phone.

Gboard provides support to the emojis that may be useful for posts. Users of Gboard Beta can now check out this option since it is already available. If you miss the expression you want to pick, pay attention to Gboard stickers and you may find it there. The company added an Emoji Kitchen mash-up. Apart from that, there are changes in Google Meet. The app received more features including the sharing option for games and videos. Up to 100 users can connect to the network and exchange files, chat, and play with you.

According to Google, there are more features coming. There will be improvements for Live Transcribe and Notification app alerts. The sounds like alarms or door knocks will be identified by the app and you will receive a notification on your phone.

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