Google Photos Will Soon Show Raw Images Along With Other Images in the Main App Feed

Google Photos Will Soon Show Raw Images Along With Other Images in the Main App Feed

oogle Photos is an app that helps users store and share their photos. The company is now looking to improve its performance by offering a more integrated experience for RAW images in the app. This will allow users to place RAW photos next to other photos, regardless of backup status.

On Pixel phones, capturing RAW+JPEGs in the Camera app creates a "Raw" folder with "Backup" disabled by default. Since these files are not stored in the cloud, they don't show up in the main feed/Photos tab. In version 6.20 of Google Photos, there is a change that makes such photos always appear in the main feed, even if general uploading is turned off, but Raw folder backup is turned on. However, if both types of uploads are enabled, it seems that RAW images will no longer be saved in that folder - they will only appear as part of the grid with the camera lens icon in the upper right corner, distinguishing them from regular photos.

It's unclear how those who have general backup enabled but have uploaded to the Raw folder disabled should expect their RAW photos to always be uploaded - since it seems illogical that enabling one kind of backup would automatically trigger another kind without the user's prior consent or knowledge. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that after the release of Google Photos 6.20, all users of the service will be able to enjoy an improved experience with raw image files or containing folders without having to worry about separate backup settings for each type of content, accessible at all times through the same app window or tabbed page interface available on different devices and platforms (desktop and mobile).

In conclusion, with its 6th version now fully released (though not yet widely available), Google Photos promises plenty of exciting improvements, such as enabling raw files from JPEG/RAW capture folders to appear alongside any other image regardless of whether the backup was enabled or disabled firstly before uploading them onto cloud storage service - something definitely worth keeping our eyes firmly peeled for! Furthermore, we are also looking forward to seeing other improvements, such as revamped Memories feature along with possibly a Search button replacing the existing Lens one, too, so we can expect plenty more coming our way from this already great application!