Quest Pro Appearance Leaked

Quest Pro Appearance Leaked

eta planned to reveal the headset only next month. However, the leak that appears recently shows the entire look of Quest Pro. The video was published via Facebook by a user named Ramiro Cardenas. According to him, the numerous devices he filmed were left in the room of the hotel. They had labels “engineering samples”.

The video was quickly shared by other users. Security expert Kevin Beaumont posted it on Twitter. In this video Cardenas films the headset of a black color that has 3 cameras on the front. Meta has already had a similar headset named Project Cambria, which they have officially teased us with. The new headset also has similarities with the model that was in the instructional video leaked before. Cardenas showed more controllers apart from the headset and the design that weirdly has lots of similarities with the model from the instructional video. It has to replace the controllers that were looped before.

The package of the Meta Quest Pro has the “Not for resale – engineering sample” tag on it. It looks like Cardenas has found Meta’s Quest Pro which is expected only next month. According to him, the occupant of the room has contacted the hotel and asked to return the headsets.

Only recently Mark Zuckerberg told the press about new headsets. He said that it will bring a higher-end virtual reality experience to every user. The headset is non-wired, which allows everyone to move freely. Moreover, he said that the headsets may have their own extra sensors that will improve the perception inside the game, including eye tracking, and even face tracking. According to him, the new model will be perfect for games and much more. A week earlier the name “Meta Quest Pro” appeared in the leaked Meta code by Bloomberg.

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