Snapchat Tests New Subscription

Snapchat Tests New Subscription

napchat is currently busy testing Snapchat+, a new subscription that will be released once the trials are over. Subscription will be paid and advanced. According to the report, it will offer customized icons and a unique badge.

One of the biggest social networks works on the new paid subscription. The information was announced by Liz Markman, the spokesperson of Snap. For now, the company is testing it by themselves. According to the spokesperson, the new subscription provides numerous possibilities for users. It will offer new features inside the network. One month's subscription costs 4.59 euro, 6 monthly subscription is 24.99 euro, and one year is 45.99 euro.

The statement was released via The Verge. Markman said that Snap provides early testing for the service. The company is excited to provide new features to subscribers willing to pay the fee for exclusive content. The prices were posted by Alessandro Paluzzi, the app researcher. They may vary from the official ones. According to the rumor, there will be one week of free usage, as a trial period so users could understand whether they want this service or not. This payment will be connected to the store account, and the service will be prolonged once the free trial period is over unless the user will cancel the subscription. If you would not like advanced features, you need to report about this in advance and stop its use until the trial period is over.

Snapchat+ will offer more icons you can customize and specific badges for its users. Apart from that, users will be able to pin their conversations with friends. There is not much information about the service. However, app researchers believe it will offer more features that will be on-demand.
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