Trying Out Song Lyrics on Your TV Screen Is Being Tested by YouTube Music

Trying Out Song Lyrics on Your TV Screen Is Being Tested by YouTube Music

ouTube Music has just announced the testing of an exciting new feature: lyrics casting. This new feature will allow users to see the words of their favorite music videos while they are playing on YouTube Music, enhancing their listening experience. With this fresh and innovative development, YouTube Music is continuing to be a leader in the digital music streaming industry. Many competitors do not have such a convenient feature, and for those that have it, YouTube Music is not behind.

Who Can Use It?

The lyrics casting feature is available for both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Music Premium Family members. When playing a song, users will now have the option to view the lyrics of the song as it plays. This feature is available on both YouTube Music’s mobile and web applications and works with any song within the YouTube Music library. This a cool feature that will allow Google's music service to stand out from the competition and win even more fans.

How Do I Use the Function?

The lyrics casting feature can be used in multiple ways. It can be used to discover new music or find out the title of a song that you heard but can’t remember. It can also be used to brush up on your singing skills, as you can now follow along with the words as the song plays. Additionally, the lyrics casting feature can help with learning a foreign language, as it allows you to make connections between the words you hear and the words you see. 

YouTube Music is continuing to take steps to improve its services for its users. This latest feature will surely be a great addition to their ever-growing list of features. With lyrics casting, YouTube Music is providing users with an even more immersive listening experience. 


YouTube Music has taken another step towards becoming the premier digital music streaming service. With the introduction of lyrics casting, users can now enjoy their favorite songs in an even more engaging manner. This handy feature allows you to enjoy your favorite songs and sing along with your favorite artists. You can repeat the lyrics before an important performance. We can expect to see even more exciting developments from YouTube Music in the near future.