YouTube Wants to Monetize Shorts

YouTube Wants to Monetize Shorts

ouTube is planning to gain some money from the growing popularity of Shorts. This TikTok's biggest rival is getting famous around the world. Apparently, YouTube wants to attract even more creators to their platform and gain more money themselves, by monetizing Shorts.

The report was made by the New York Times originally, and it revealed that YouTube is actively working on new ways to monetize Shorts. This move may attract more content creators to the platform, trying to gain profit from the unique videos they make. Journalists revealed audio from official meetings in Google where the new ways of monetization were discussed. According to the leaked information, the company is willing to pay up to 45 percent of the money from ads, which is slightly less than the usual 55 percent that they receive from the post-roll and pre-roll ads in the original videos on YouTube.

YouTube can also ease the process of joining the Partner Program for creators. This program allows creators to receive profit from the content they make. The more ads they include in their videos and the more these ads are watched, the more money YouTube creators receive. The channel has to get over 4000 viewed hours by the audience of the ads placed on YouTube. There also must be 1000 subscribers, to get inside the Partner Program. For Shorts, these hours will be shorter due to the specificity of these videos. The barriers to entry to the Partner Program will be lower as well.

The more creators will switch from TikTok to YouTube, the more audience they attract to the social network. It means that marketers will pay more attention to YouTube. Meanwhile, YouTube also hopes to lure more users to see fresh and unique content from creators.

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