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Bowling King is a captivating bowling simulator for mobile platforms. It offers regular challenges and online matches with other bowlers from around the world. Hit the pins, compete with other players online, earn millions of chips, and claim the bowling crown of the world. Download Bowling King and find your pin pals!

Main Features

Bowling King accurately simulates the popular Saturday night game.  You have a roster of balls to choose from. Apart from a unique design and a catchy name — Towering Inferno, Northern Lights — these balls have varying Max Power/Hook parameters. That means the more powerful your ball is, the more chances you'll have at smashing all 10 pins.

The N1 gimmick of the game, however, is its online multiplayer. Instead of a boring match with AI, you can compete with random people from every corner of the planet. The game picks two players of the same level, which depends on how many games were lost/won. And then you just roll the ball, hitting the skittles and earning chips.

Apart from 1 on 1 dueling, you can also partake in tournaments. Grind your way to the very top of the leaderboard, taking out all opponents. Making it to the Top 3 will reward you with millions of chips, which can be spent on the fancy new bowls or entering fees.

Bowling King is free to play. If you prefer relying solely on your skills — you'll do fine most of the time. However, the game has a shameful tendency to crash in the middle of a match sometimes. This naturally leads to the loss of chips. The starter chip pack costs $1.99.


Bowling King has nice 3D graphics and realistic animations. As you roll the ball, the camera will follow it until it blows the pins. The ball's characteristics and the force you put into launching it will greatly affect its trajectory. That's why you need to calculate each strike wisely.

There are various alleys to play on as well. The Las Vegas lane has  a casino feel with the neon lights. The Pirate lane will spook you with the smiley skulls and inflame your passion for looting with the treasure chests. And the Beach lane will bring in some positive vibes with the palms and ocean sounds.


Bowling King by is an addictive bowling simulator. It has a clever matchmaking system, which avoids pairing you with a stronger or more well-equipped opponent. Though it has some issues: unexpected crashes and abundant ads.

At the same time, it doesn't force you into buying IAPs. So, if you look forward to tournament participating or just casual playing for fun  — Bowling King invites you to His royal alleys.

Download Bowling King and find some new pin pals!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store