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With its all-inclusive junk removal abilities, Clean Master is an impressive optimization tool with antivirus and space cleaner. It was released by Cheetah Mobile in September 2012, and available only on Android devices. This app is light on advertising and has already garnered more than 43 million reviews.

Key Elements

Clean Master knows where to look and make no assumptions, which is why it the most favorite super cleaning app of over 1 Billion users. You don’t need to open the app and search for every item; simply give permission to view the files, and it will scan and remove all the unused junk off your device. It is easier to navigate and provides users with a consistent and intuitive experience. Let’s dig through its extensive set of features.

Security: An antivirus tool can be launched from the home screen. It runs “Safety scanning” in a few seconds. While you can see the steps, it does not provide any reports. It routinely scans newly installed items and reminds you on necessary updates.

System optimization: Some other functions fall under this category:

  • Junk file cleaning;
  • Boost phone performance by closing unnecessary processes running in the background;
  • Detect abnormal RAM usage;
  • Prevent phone’s CPU overheating;
  • WhatsApp memory cleaning;
  • Other utilities such as CS card scanner and messaging service notifications.

Usability & Design

The app is incredibly simple to navigate with an appealing design. It successfully displays all the info in an easy-to-use interface, keeping user needs as the forefront focus. The home screen shows two speedometer-type display providing info on how much RAM is in use and the space available on your phone. Below these indicators are buttons corresponding to main functions. It also features the “Tools” page that leads to secondary functions, such as charging monitor tool.

Instead of flashing random notifications, the app intelligently gives ample details on the flagged files for removal, and greater flexibility to retain important settings information.


Users can download and install this app instantly. It is a very capable tool to remove clutter from your device. Clean Master is a free-to-use app and does not have a premium version. It shows ads which can be annoying for some users, but these are infrequent and relegated from the main menu. While navigating the app is super easy, locating support resources is a bit tricky. If you are unable to locate the “Contact Us” button, try their social media pages or their website for support.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store