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Dead Trigger is a shooter game that brings you right into the atmosphere of zombie apocalypses, and your goal is to destroy zombies and manage to survive. The game was developed by MADFINGER games, and it has quickly become one of the most successful shooters in the app store with millions of downloads. The app is gripping and will give you the adrenaline rush like no other. You can download Dead Trigger: Survival Shooter for your iOS device if it has the OS version of 6.0 or later.

Key Elements

The Dead Trigger game encompasses the classic aspects of survival shooters – you need to protect yourself and fight your enemies. In the game, you will be attacked by terrifying zombies, and you can use a range of different weapons to kill them. You can use various explosives and also guns, such as Striker, Colt 1911, Scorpion, and more. Some of the more unique and powerful weapons include a chainsaw, a laser amputator, grenades, and others.

Besides fighting, you also need to collect supplies necessary for your survival, which is something you can do by exploring the city. You should help other people who were able to survive and protect your place. It becomes quite a challenge when you need to fight off zombies constantly. You need to be quite creative to come up with the best solutions and free the city.

The app is free, but it also includes in-app purchases to help you replenish your supplies much easier. They include Gold Credit, Money Pile, and more.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics of the game look modern, detailed, and crisp. It’s definitely a pleasure to play on your iOS device. You can explore different environments in the city that look futuristic and perfectly fit the vibe of a zombie apocalypse. The actual zombies have glowing eyes and look quite scary, especially when you are attacked by many of them at once.

When it comes to the sound effects in the game, they are diverse – from zombies making various terrifying sounds to the noises in the city.


It’s not surprising that Dead Trigger is such is a list of favorites for many gamers. It is a well-developed app that creates an entire world that you can explore, and it will continue to entertain you. It offers plenty of gaming opportunities – shooting, survival, searching for supplies, and more. If you are into shooters and zombies, this particular game should definitely be on your device. You can download it for free for your iPhone and enjoy!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store