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This match-three puzzle game set in medieval times has amazing role-playing elements. It was released in October 2018 by Small Giant Games for Android and iOS platforms. With exhilarating PVP duels, it is a completely new take on RPG games. The game also offers different elements of the Collectible Card Game genre - you will collect heroes of a diverse rarity to fight other players or monsters. The game has an expansion and base building section along with Tai-Chi pandas. It looks like Small Giants just googled the formula of a mobile game that makes lots of money and combined the top three results.

Key Elements

With different genres, the game becomes very complex. Players would need to spend some time analyzing and managing the best combination of resources that can upgrade the base with food sources for the soldiers. They will also need iron to craft buildings and different items for the combat. It also takes time to collect cards to get the best conquerors. If you have crappy heroes, the new ones will consume the cards of older ones to level up. It is important to have a sturdier hero for a stronger attack. Each champion has been given a unique skill: a strong attack, a buff or a healing function. Players earn mana (supernatural power), which fuels each conqueror’s special skill, match gems to cast this mana, and send a swathe of soldiers to fight with the monsters. These troops can be upgraded with cards to get more power. Overall, there is so much going on at the same time, and new players might feel overwhelmed.

Graphics and Sound

As players pass through many quests and open new dungeons and world, the amazing graphics and audio make it more thrilling. Players will experience a splendid fantasy world with detailed imaginary creatures, great heroes, monsters, and epic loot in this amazing game full of magic and action. Users can battle against computer-generated opponents or a team of other random players, but it will not be a live battle. Instead, it’s a simple fight against other characters that a gamer has defined as the “Defence” team.


This is pretty solid fun and engaging game. While this is free-to-play, you are eventually going to hit a paywall. You will find it very entertaining until you can’t progress as you don’t have the right heroes or ascension items. While the game is built around battles, there is no objectionable violence. The only annoying aspect is the aggressive push of in-app purchases that are going to test the patience of many players.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store