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Likee is among the big names in the free video creation and editing app. It has a laundry list of amazing stickers, special effects and other tools with a huge focus on popularity. It was released by Bigo Technology in August 2017 and available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices.

Key Elements

The combination of video, music and social media formats have made this app a huge hit. Even in the presence of Tiktok that offers the same feature, Likee has rapidly gained traction as a stress buster among young people. While it is not an overly powerful video editing app, it bills itself as a short video editing tool with special effects. The diverse array of stickers and Music Magic filters make it easier for you to create blockbuster videos out of stuff you have on your smartphones.

This nifty app is open to the world where you can showcase your incredible talents and find interesting content- original videos, music videos and funny clips. This platform connects people and celebrities from all over the world to share precious moments, knowledge, beautiful experiences, and funny videos.

The editing tools are very simple and intuitive that inspires creators to share their talent and knowledge easily. Users love the Makeup tool, special effects tool, innovative music filters, smart features like 4D magic, fast production, video dubbing scripts, live broadcasting platform, “Nearby” feature, in short Likee adds value to its users’ life. With the increasing user-base, Likee has become a leading app in the social video category. It has become a platform where people can earn good money by using their talents.

Usability & Design

This brilliant app makes ideas come to life. With just a simple tap, anyone can create a blockbuster video in a few seconds. Users can choose music, record video, change the clip speed to their desired level, use features and stickers to curate unique content for other users. Apart from entertaining videos, it can be used as a skill-sharing platform like YouTube.

This high-usability app has a new interface boasting a newly designed home page and vertical video display style. Users can easily enhance their videos in a few quick clicks and turn images and videos into beautiful stories and experiences. There are some really cool features and tools, giving your video an extra added touch.


There are lots of video editing app, and Likee is among the best ones. Not only its tools and features are easy and fun to use; Likee has a huge user base and a great platform to gain popularity. The registration process is pretty simple, and with a handful of taps you can create trending videos and become a star in your social circle. In fact, Likee is social media to connect to other users and promote your content globally.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store