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Minecraft is a sandbox game available for mobile platforms. Here you should mine resources to construct whatever you want later: from a shack to the International Space Station. It has a ton of challenges and modes, but you always have the freedom of how to play it. Download Minecraft and build your own saga!

Main Features

Minecraft has limitless gameplay. In the very beginning, you collect some cobblestone to make a pickaxe. And with this pickaxe you can build a whole empire. Collect iron, wood, produce coal, mine for gold and diamonds. Trap allied mobs — dogs, cows, sheep, etc. — and make them drop skin, wool, and other materials.

As you make sure aggressive mobs cannot do you much harm, you can begin experimenting. In Minecraft you may create anything: from a simple torch to Battlestar Galactica. And some players go as far as building replicas of Minas Tirith, King's Landing or a giant Nyan Cat Pixel Art.

Apart from building cool stuff, you can also play numerous modes. Many of them are designed by the fan community: 1 Zombie vs. 1000 Villagers, Millenaire, CoD-inspired Brawl, Grand Theft Minecraft, Piratecraft, and many others.

The game also features a variety of enemies and dangers that won't let you have an easy life. Chicken Jockey, Ghast, Evoker, Green Creeper, Zombie Villager, Enderman and others will use every single opportunity to ruin your pixel property or take your life. Not to mention other players who would enjoy thrashing and vandalizing your Minecraft world.


The game's visuals are composed of pixel blocks. Everything: huts, Death Palaces, trees, rivers, spiders, etc. are made of them. The game's menu is retro-styled and references old school RPG and quest titles.

By default you get to play from the first view: that's why Minecraft modes do a great job at parodying famous first-person-shooters. However, you can always switch to the 3d person view. It is especially useful when playing a survival mode: this angle allows a better scope and situation control.


Minecraft by Mojang is a wonderful game for those who enjoy creativity. You can basically architect anything you want, even Supercomputer with a working RAM. There are numerous modes to explore and challenges to beat. You can join forces with your friends to achieve any of these goals or devise some original antics.

Download Minecraft and feed the Creepers with dynamite!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store