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Ticketmaster is an app for Android and iOS, which allows you to book tickets to concerts, games, matches, and other events. Book the best seats in advance, cancel the booking in one tap, transfer already paid for tickets or resell them. Download Ticketmaster and never miss a live show you dream to see!

Main Features

With the application, you can book a ticket to basically any live event. And not just for yourself — book seats for your entire family! Select the desirable row and seats right on your phone. After verified payment is complete, you will receive a prompt from the app on where your places are located: entry gate, section, row and seat numbers.

Should your plans suddenly change, you can return the ticket. Or instead, gratify someone close with it — tickets can be transferred to any lucky one you choose. The procedure is free and only requires the recipient to have the Ticketmaster app installed on their gizmo.

Ticketmaster helps you to learn about live events nearby and book the tickets to them. Once you turn your GPS on, you can see what concerts, tournaments, games and other grandiose venues take place in your area. In case there's nothing interesting happening in your city at the moment, the app will show tours and concerts in other states.

The app is free to use. The only fee you pay is the ticket price. Ticketmaster provides a 100% guarantee that you'll get exactly the same seats that you've booked. Moreover, you don't need a physical ticket: a live event can be accessed either via the app or Apple Wallet (works for mobile entry events).


Ticketmaster's GUI is user-friendly and simple. There are a few categories: My Tickets, Favorites, artists, Venues, and so on. Upon tapping on the booked event, you'll see the entry info and also the bar code. And in the TM Reserve tab, you'll find exclusive early access ticket requests to the upcoming major venues.


Ticketmaster is indispensable if you're hooked on the live concert energy. The app allows for easy ticket management. You can do anything you want: book, cancel, resell, or transfer them to your friend as a gift.

Besides, Ticketmaster keeps you alerted on the biggest live events, adding them to the schedule tab. Be it Lollapalooza, Stagecoach or the Pagliacci premiere at the Lyric Opera of Chicago — Ticketmaster will help you get there no sweat.

Download Ticketmaster and reserve the best seats!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store