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TikTok is a video platform available for mobile devices. It allows you to shoot and share short videos be they music clips, pranks, vine-like sketches, or just you and your friends goofing around. With its licensed music, stickers and filters, TikTok is the leading app for directing short, funny vids. Download TikTok and make an original video rendition of Old Town Road.

Main Features

TikTok has every tool you need to direct and edit a short mobile video. You can crop the clip and edit unnecessary footage out. There is a gargantuan repertoire of memetic emojis, stickers, special effects and filters to give your creation and extra unique and saucy touch. Change speed, use an AR item, or alter the pitch of your voice to make it sound ridiculous. Additionally, you can apply gifs provided by Giphy.

TikTok got famous due to the abundance of short lip-synching videos. The app has its own incensed catalogue of music, including such meme-hits as Shooting Stars, Bohemian Rhapsody, No Mercy,  Mia Khalifa, Safe and Sound, and many others. However, you can always create something using your own favorite music tune or sound effects.

TikTok has a large fan community that includes half a billion users. That means you will find a lot of free entertaining videos in all genres. There are music covers, magic tricks and illusions, prank-gone-wrong videos, short DIY tutorials, and just nonsensical, but funny bits.

TikTok is a free app, but some of its effects cost an extra fee. Prices for in-app purchases start at roughly $1 and make it to $120. However, its core functionality and 98% of video content are free to use and enjoy.


TikTok has a stylish and intuitive GUI. The app's initial screen offers you the search bar to look for the content, in-built instant messenger, add a friend, and create video features. Shooting your masterpiece isn't difficult either since there are just three buttons to operate the process: Recording, Effects and Upload. Extra buttons include Beauty, Speed to tweak the playback speed, Timer, Filters and More.


TikTok by TikTok Inc. is one of the hottest trends on Google Play and AppStore. It has a kaleidoscope of entertaining content, simple video-editing tools, and also goofy and cute effects/stickers. TikTok will let you have a quality nutty time with your friends or solo and discover unique talents that its community is famous for.

Download TikTok — it knows how to make your day!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store