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Toon Blast is a puzzle game for mobile platforms. It's about the adventures of three furry friends: Cooper, Wally and Bruno. As they travel from one bizarre place to another, they expect your (or your kid's) help. You must blast cubes via color-matching, set the trapped toys free, and collect bonuses. Download Toon Blast and help these three fluffy musketeers!

Main Features

Toon Blast is a match-two puzzle game. It stars Wally the Wolf, Bruno the Bear and Cooper the Cat. These three rascals travel from one adventure to another. You'll see them lost amidst a Texan desert, driving down a typically American highway, munching their sandwiches on a construction site, etc.

As these worry-free friends continue their wacky journey, they keep on losing the toys from their truck. Your objective is to rescue the trapped toys by matching colors and blasting the nefarious colored cubes.

The game features hundreds of levels. Their difficulty doesn't change much, but at least you'll get to see new cartoonish scenery and hack the new cube patterns. Every new mission will set a goal for you — for example, freeing 3 rubber ducks. This must be accomplished within a set number of moves: 30, 40, etc.

The game isn't that much challenging. But some of the levels will be overflooded with cubes. And their tricky combinations may not have as many matches as you need. That's when power-ups come into play. You can choose their location on the table. However, to ensure success, you'll need a huge power-up arsenal, which costs Coins. The cheapest coin pack comes ta $2.


The game's design is quite playful, friendly and cuddly. The main heroes of the cube saga look like plushie toys who came to life to bring more mischief into the world. Whenever they appear on the screen, they make funny faces.

Juicily colorful cubes will surely remind you of candy pieces from Candy Crush. And the game's OST nicely mimics music from the old Warner Brother cartoons. Although it is has a vintage touch, it sounds energetic and invites the player to join a loony adventure.


Toon Blast by Peak is a perfect game for keeping your child busy for 30-40 minutes. It has eye-friendly graphics, lovable and cuddly characters, cube patterns that never repeat and mesmerizing animations. One of the strong sides of the game is that it features a minimum number of ads and they contain no inappropriate materials.

Download Toon Blast and help Bruno and his friends rescue the trapped toys!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store