Bluey: The Videogame

  • Rating os: 3.5
  • Author: Artax Games.
  • Size: 10 GB available space
  • Release date: Nov 17, 2023
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Bluey: The Videogame has landed on consoles, drawing fans of the adored Australian TV show with the promise of engaging with the Heeler family in a new interactive format. The game aims to emulate the charm and aesthetic of the animated series, promising fun for both children and Bluey enthusiasts. Yet, with a relatively high price point, the question arises: does the game manage to capture the heart of the show, or does it fall short?

Animation Come to Life

Visually, Bluey: The Videogame nails the bright and chunky aesthetics of the series, showing off the graphics that fans have come to love. The transition to a 2.5D environment adds depth to familiar settings like the Heeler home without clashing with the show's original 2D styling. With faithful character designs and animations, the game presents an experience where players can easily believe they are part of an episode, especially with the original voice cast bringing the characters to life.

The Heart of the Story

While Bluey: The Videogame's setup seems promising, with a tale of treasure hunting during school holidays involving familiar characters like Uncle Stripe and Grandad Mort, the narrative feels abruptly concluded. The lack of a final story chapter after the beach episode leaves players wanting more and raises questions about the game's completion. The miniature story ends just when you'd expect a climactic finale, leaving the storytelling aspect somewhat hanging in mid-air.

Gameplay and Cooperation

The gameplay experience, especially in co-op mode, shows flashes of family fun but is marred by issues. Often, characters become frozen, requiring a restart, and interactions within the world can feel cumbersome—every puzzle predominantly involves moving objects in some manner. The platforming sections lack precision, leading to frustrations that are magnified when more players join in, resulting in chaotic and less structured play.

Fun in Mini-games

Despite the foundational gameplay being less than stellar, Bluey: The Videogame introduces entertaining mini-games associated with episodes, mimicking activities such as "Keepy Uppy" and "Ground is Lava". Each mini-game offers a slight variety in play style but suffers from its own set of challenges. While the idea of mini-games is appealing, they, unfortunately, fall short in execution due to underwhelming mechanics and occasional glitches that can hinder movement and engagement.

Looking Beyond the Surface

It's important to approach Bluey: The Videogame from multiple angles, considering its target demographic of young fans and families. Although it embodies the visual identity of the cartoon perfectly, the game's actual substance does not offer a similarly profound impact. When juxtaposed with the show's ability to tackle complex themes skillfully, the game's simplicity in content seems like a missed opportunity. With its unrefined controls, brief gameplay duration, and unwarranted high cost, it's challenging to view the game as anything but a transitory thrill.


Bluey: The Videogame serves as a delightful visual homage to the beloved animated series, yet it underdelivers in terms of engaging gameplay and compelling content. Aimed at younger audiences, it may provide a brief moment of joy but is hard to justify as a mainstay in a gaming collection, given the high price and short length. Loyal fans of the series may find some worth in this interactive iteration, but those looking for a deeper gaming experience might be left wanting.

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