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Roblox is an MMO game for Android and iOS. There is no rigid gameplay in its blocky reality. As soon as you create your character, you can try numerous games in different genres: shooters, puzzles, RPGs, game parodies, battle royale, and so forth. Download Roblox and access the whole universe of games!

Main Features

Roblox has no strict gameplay rules. There's a galaxy of games to be tried and enjoyed. These games are generated both by enthusiastic players and professionals. So that means you can try your hand at game design too. And the best thing is that you need no special skills or training to sculpt your own Roblox adventure.

At the moment, there are all possible genres available in Roblox — from a zombie-shooter to a pizza maker simulator. Among the Roblox games you will find:

  • Theme Park Tycoon 2;
  • Natural Disaster Survival;
  • Pokémon Brickbronze;
  • Sword Fighting Tournament;
  • Bee Swarm Simulator;
  • Apocalypse Rising;
  • Welcome to The Town of Robloxia, and so forth.

But before you can dive into playing, you should make a character. There's unlimited freedom about designing your game avatar. Choose a hairstyle, skin color, gender, and then dress your Roblox persona properly. Pink bathing suit and a space helmet? Brooklyn baseball cap with a tuxedo? Farmer's overalls and a ski mask? You're the boss.

However, some of the game's items and cosmetics cost Robux — the local currency. The minimum package of 80 Robux will cost you $0.99, 100 Robux comes at $9.99. However, the mobile version of the game doesn't go hard on demanding your cash.


Roblox greatly resembles Lego. Its art style is heavily based on the iconic stubs. The same goes for the characters: they look almost like 3D Lego munchkins that became alive. All in all, Roblox mobile has decent physics and responsiveness.

No matter what you're busy with at the moment: building a bunker on another planet, trying to avert an Apocalypse or managing a pizza parlor — Roblox provides nearly seamless fps and visual effects.


Roblox is a fantastic game that will let you have fun online alone or with your friends. Moreover, it may reveal your creativity thanks to its Roblox Studio. Design mini-games, explore different worlds, try different scenarios, and beat challenges — Roblox will never run out of cool content.

Download Roblox for both goofing around and unleashing your creativity!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store