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Gacha Life is an anime-ish life-simulator available for mobile platforms. It features a large fantasy world inhabited by all types of characters, mini-games, and quests. Make friends or enemies, script and direct original scenes and situations. Try various outfits and create a stunning image. Download Gacha Life and live a fantasy life!

Main Features

Gacha Life puts you in an anime reality filled with various characters. But before you can begin the fantasy journey, you should design your own Gacha avatar. The tweakable parameters include Hair, Face, Body, Clothes, Props, and so forth. Once you're done with sculpting your kawaii persona — explore the world outside.

In Gacha Life (just like IRL) you will have to interact with NPCs a lot. They can casually parlay with you, make a gift, ask to do some odd jobs for them, or even propose an intellectual quiz. Each time you interact with an NPX — you lose a bit of your Energy. In the beginning, there will be only 200 Energy points. However, as your avatar matures and levels up, their "battery" will increase its capacity. Every new level adds +3 Energy.

To level up you need to be social and make a lot of friends. This can be achieved by hanging out with them, asking questions ("How's your pet skunk doing?") having small talk or completing the quests they give you. In case you want to have a break or try your directing talent — there's the Gacha Studio at your service.

Mini-games that Gacha Life has are exciting as well. You get to try:

  • Abushu Candy Toss. Whack the rabbits that pop up from their holes.
  • Orca Sploosh! Move Mumble's Orca left/right and send the balloons back into flying.
  • Narwhal Sky. Fly on a narwhal to space, collect stars and avoid crashing into crescent moons, etc.


Gacha Life has a distinct anime art style. Its slightly big-headed characters represent various degrees of kawaii. They travel from one atmospheric location to another: sunny suburban area, the city lit by the evening sunset rays, a glamorous nightclub, etc.


Gacha Life by Lunime is a captivating anime-styled life simulator. You can explore its worlds, meet new characters, make friends, and find yourself in various bizarre situations. Or you can direct an entire movie using the Gacha Studio. Play mini-games, realize your creative potential and unwind in the Gacha reality.

Download Gacha Life and write any story you want!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store