Vikings: War of Clans

  • Version: Plarium LLC
  • Author: Varies with device
  • Rating: 4.4


Vikings: War of Clans is a multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices. This game is played in a 3D environment with a turn-based strategy. The game is set in an age of vikings, where enough clans fight for the power of the North. The player is a Clan Chief with the responsibility of defending their clan’s territory and resources.


The gameplay of Vikings: War of Clans is a turn-based strategy. Players need to set up a clan as their leader, and then start to recruit vikings. To recruit vikings, players need to spend gold coins. These coins are obtained by attacking other players, sending vikings to collect and produce resources or be given by the player’s employer. After recruiting vikings, players need to train them to become warriors, archers, or healers. During the game, players need to use warriors and archers to attack their enemies and use healers to heal their vikings.


Vikings: War of Clans is in 3D environment with a cartoon style. The player sees their vikings from an over-the-shoulder perspective.


The controls of the game are all on the screen. Players get to control their clan and their vikings by tapping on the screen. This game is free to download and play.

Info about replay value

The replay value of Vikings: War of Clans is moderate. Players can keep playing the game to collect gold coins and upgrade their vikings.


  • The game’s graphics are in a cartoon style, which gives the game a more cheerful feeling;
  • There are different clans for players to choose from;
  • Players can have a chance to explore the vikings’ world;
  • The game does not need an internet connection;
  • The game is free to play;
  • There are different types of vikings for players to choose from;


  • Players can only control one clan at a time;
  • This game is mostly for players who like turn-based strategy games;
  • The game is too simple for some players;


War of Clans is a real-time strategy game for android devices. This game is about vikings, with the setting in a fantasy world. The player is a clan chief, and has the responsibility of protecting the clan’s territory and resources.

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