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Wordscapes is a brain-challenging puzzle for Android and iOS. It's based on the concept of shaping words from a number of random letters. As soon as you guess all the words possible, you move to the next level. Relaxing and fun, the game is perfect for killing another 15 minutes. Download Wordscapes and be the guru of vocabulary.

Main Features

Wordscapes is simple and knotty at the same time. The objective is clear: there is a number of letters, at least 6, from which you should weave the words. Guess a word, and it will be put in the crossword-like field, filling the empty squares. At first, there will be 4-5 words to guess. But over the course of the puzzle, their number will grow.

The further you progress, the trickier the hidden words get. Sometimes you'll be forced to think intensively: what is this blasted idiom that doesn't let me clear the level? You have two ways to solve this dilemma: a) use one of the hints provided by the game b) watch a YouTube tutorial. The bonus option is to make a wild stab in the darkness and guess the cursed anagram by chance.

At the moment, Wordscapes has 6, 000+ puzzles in total. That means there are 6, 000 levels to beat and an infinite potential for time-killing. Also, there are weekly challenges that allow you to fight for the top positions in the leaderboard. The game is free, but its extra hints and other purchases will cost you up to $115.


Visuals of Wordscapes are as serene and relaxing as its gameplay. Each level has a stellar background depicting nature: rainforest of Guatemala with a chameleon chilling on a branch, a Hampshire fox with a beautiful ginger coating, a white swan bathing in a crystal-clear lake, and many others.

These photos are divided into categories: Summer, Jungle, Autumn with extra segments of Vivid, Petal, Lily, Bloom, etc. You can select whichever suits your current mood. The game's soundtrack is a flow of ambient and echoey sounds that do a wonderful job at soothing the nerves.


Wordscapes by PeopleFun is a picturesque, relaxing and brain-stimulating puzzle. You can spend hours at its meditative gameplay, giving a good work out session to your memory and enlarging your vocabulary. There are trophies and leaderboard places to compete for. And its elegantly selected backgrounds are a mesmerizing visual symphony.

Download Wordscapes and enjoy the cleverest and prettiest form of escapism!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store