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Trivial Quiz Pursuit Knowledge was published by Pedro Gomes in 2016. It is a trivia game where you have to answer questions from different categories to advance correctly. Trivial Quiz Pursuit Knowledge is currently available for all devices running iOS 9.0 or higher, including the iPod Touch. You can download this game for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the App Store.

Key Elements

If you enjoy trivia games, Trivial Quiz Pursuit Knowledge is definitely going to be up your alley. The developer claims to have provided 60,000 questions for the game, and while we can’t know for sure if that’s true, we consistently got new questions as we played Trivial Quiz. It took several days of playing for the questions to finally be repeated, which is very good compared to many other trivia games we’ve played.

You can choose to only get questions from a certain category or have a mix of questions from all categories thrown at you. The categories include Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sport. As you can see, the game’s selection of topics is quite well-rounded and should be enough for everyone to find something they enjoy.

Answering questions correctly will bring you points, and giving multiple correct answers in a row gets you bonus points, so try to keep up those streaks! Trivial Quiz also has a Statistics section where you can see your high scores and check out your overall performance in the game.

Graphics & Sound

The visuals in Trivial Quiz are quite simple, but in this game, that’s more of an advantage. The plain blue background helps you concentrate on the questions themselves without being distracted by unnecessary images, labels, or gameplay control elements. The categories are color-coded, which we found to be a nice touch.
The audio effects are just what you would expect from a trivia game, and they do make the playing experience a little more fun and immersive.


If you’re looking for a game that challenges you intellectually instead of just letting you mindlessly push buttons, Trivial Quiz is a good place to start. The game has hundreds of interesting questions that are undoubtedly going to improve your general knowledge. Once you’re done with questions from your favorite category, you can go on and play in random mode to further expand your knowledge about the world around you!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store