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Words With Friends Classic is a popular Scrabble-like title for mobile platforms. It takes you and an opponent to compete at putting English words on the table. However, it isn't as simple as it sounds, and you'll have to come up with a strategy to be victorious. Download Words With Friends Classic and see who's got the biggest lexicon!

Main Features

Words With Friends Classic invites you to an intellectual duel. You can compete either with a geeky AI or a real person online. As soon as you got a friend/random rival to join the game, you'll be prompted to compose English words out of colorful tiles with letters pictured on them.

Remember: you can use only existing words. No gobbledygook that you came up with on the spot will count. Each tile that you lay on the board has a number of points. These points are assigned randomly: K = 2 points. X = 9 points, etc. The more points you score when putting words together — the closer you get to victory. In the end, the player who has scored the top number of points wins.

One important thing: a word you're about to put on the table must be connected with the previous word scrabbled by your opponent. It looks like this: haberdashery —> youth, rum —> machinegun, nag —> giraffe, etc. You should also know that abbreviations like FBI, proper names like Charlie, and words with an apostrophe like tripping' aren't accepted by the game rules.

Furthermore, Word With Friends isn't only about knowing a lot of words. It also inspires you to be a tactician. There are special tiles that can increase your point amount:

  • DL — doubled points;
  • TL — tripled points;
  • DW — doubled word value;
  • TW — tripled word value.

So to get them, you should construct words on these colored squares. Additionally, you may even combine them to get a combo effect. For example, TW + TL gives an almost imba (unbeatable) bonus.


WWFC has plain and simple visuals. There is a big white field with square boxes to put letter-tiles in. Plus, a few bonus point squares scattered all over the field. There is a Facebook button to give a call to your friends to join the word tournament. And if you beat weekly challenges, unique and quirky badges will be your trophy: mustached kitty wearing shades, etc.


Word With Friends Classic by Zinga is a captivating online game. It's free to play and fun to enjoy thanks to all the brain exercise you get. Plus there are unlockable goodies, a strategy leeway and a 50+ million community of online players.

Download Word With Friends Classic and reign supreme over the Kingdom of Words!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store